Frequently Asked Questions

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Who is Catalyst California?

Catalyst California advocates for racial justice by building power and transforming public systems. We partner with communities of color, conduct innovative research, develop policies for actionable change, and shift money and power back into our communities. Please visit our website to learn more or connect with us.

Where is my data?

Data and maps saved to are accessible from your account page. Datasets are additionally available on the Maps page in the Add your own Data menu, and saved maps can be loaded from the option in the top-right header of any page on the site.

When logging in for the first time you will have the option to transfer Wikimaps and uploaded point datasets from your previous account to your new one. Migrations for thematic data are coming soon, and you’ll receive an additional prompt when that feature is ready to migrate those over as well. Please let us know if you encounter any issues when migrating or accessing maps and datasets.

Please note that Saved Searches for Services will not be migrated over from the previous to your account on the new site. We advise you to print or save your existing searches from your old account locally and to contact your local 2-1-1 partner in order to get service listings going forward. A subset of Services data will remain on the new site as an advocacy resource for equity mapping.

I’d like to be trained on

Thank you for your interest in learning more about the site! We currently do not have capacity for individualized trainings, but will be hosting an online tutorial open to the public sometime before the Summer – stay tuned for date and more info. In addition, we’re working hard to create support materials and help documentation to make available for everyone on the site. We are undergoing a review process now for how to best support and sustain site trainings going forward, so please continue to let us know if you are interested in that so we can measure demand and plan for the future.

Where can I find more data?

Please see our data page for information on our sources, and particularly our 2-1-1 directory page to find local data on services.

Please contact us with additional questions about or our team.



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Upload thematic data

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